This is a list of links to the pages of the people who work on improving Celestia. These people have spent countless hours of their time to make Celestia faster, prettier, and more realistic. If you know of any sites we may have missed, please contact us.

Selden Ball's List of Resources for Celestia
The most complete list of info about Celestia. If you are confused about anything, go here.

Celestia Sourceforge CVS Tree (obsolete!)
You can get older versions (up to 1.5.0) of files from this repository.

Celestia Sourceforge SVN Tree
You can get the very newest versions of files from this repository.

Darkmiss's Celestia Add-ons Page
Contains Models for Asteroids and Satelites, the ISS, Earth Location files and an Outer Asteroid Belt SCC

Ulrich Dickmann's (Adirondack) German Celestia Page
This german-speaking site has a number of german-speaking add-ons and a lot of more information.

Don Edwards' Earth Central
The largest collection of Earth Maps for Celestia, and a very slick site!

Frank's Celestia Educational Activities
Frank has created many educational activities available to the public. These are very good resources for (self-)educators.

Don G's Celestia Scripting Resources
Cel/Celx scripting guides, scripts, and utility functions.

Thomas Guilpain's Celestia Explanations
Excellent Explanations of SSC, STC, XYZ, and DAT files in French and English

Jack Higgins' Celestia Add-ons
Many, Many Add-ons, including Spacecraft Asteroids Models and Shoemake-Levy 9 Fragments
(Contact Jack on the Celestia Forum)

Grant Hutchison's Contributions for Celestia
Assorted contributions, including Mathilde, nearby stars, exoplanets and Saturn's rings
(Contact Grant on the Celestia Forum)

Bjorn Jonsson's 3-D Worlds
Source of some of Celestia's textures

B. Lambe's Celestia SF Addons
M any Babylon5, two 2001 and one Northrop Tiger II spacecraft

Chris Laurel's Celestia Homepage and Celestia Forum
The home for Celestia on the web, by its creator. All hail.

Tim Mc's Celestia Scripts and Add-ons
Two Solar System Touring Scripts and a mirror of other peoples' nebula models.

This site has a large list of Celestia Add-ons culled from other sites

MindToAsk's Addons
Deep Space Objects

Psykotik's Celestia Collection
Psykotik has gathered his favorite add-ons on this site, along with a few he created himself. He has links to many files on eMule.

Harald Schmidt's Celestia Scripting Stuff
Has primarily the documentation for the CELX-scripting system and some CELX-scripts, but also a gallery of cel-URLs with screenshots and detailed information about a set of 32k Earth Virtual Textures.

Star Lion's Star Trek Universe
Looks like there will be more soon, but for now, only Star Trek universe is available.

Runar Thorvaldsen's Celestia Files
Misc. add-ons for Celestia

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