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Celestia Motherlode Team

This site was conceived by Joe Bolte (alphap1us) shortly after installing his first Celestia add-on. He created the initial Celestia Add-on Catalog web site, which was originally located on the University of Chicago web servers.
If active, Joe handles the administration and orchestration of the new Celestia Motherlode web site project along with performing page updates.

Joe has to take an extended break from the site since October of 2004.

Status: not active

Harald Schmidt (harry) joined the group in June, 2004.
Harald is our Linux / Apache / scripting expert who writes the scripts, from catalog-output, catalog management to behind-the-scenes stuff and that help to make running the 100% volunteer effort Motherlode site a whole lot easier.
Harald is still in the background and keeps the php-stuff running. Thanks, Harry.

Status: not active at the front-end

Ulrich Dickmann (Adirondack) signed up early in July of 2004 as a contributor to update and reorganize the documentation page and the scripts page. He became an adminstrative member of the CM-Team early in October of 2004 and is the maintainer of documentation page, scripts page and utilities page. Since Joe and Harald are not active since September 2005, Ulrich is doing pretty much all the adminstrative work these days.

Status: active

John Van Vliet signed up in May of 2010 in order to check new add-ons in detail with the eyes of a Linux user since not every add-on that works with Windows will work with Linux too. So, add-on authors, make sure that your add-on is a multi-platform one (no caps, no spaces and so on)!

Status: active

Selden Ball, Jr. (selden) began providing his sage advice and assistance to the Celestia Motherlode volunteers at the end of June, 2004. He is responsible for creating the add-on template available to all add-on creators. This template demonstrates how to set-up the correct directory structure for a typical Celestia add-on zip file.

Selden is still "around", but he just have too much on his "plate" to be able to do anything significant right now on the Motherlode.

Status: not active at the front-end

Runar Thorvaldsen (rthorvald) showed up in June of 2004 to create and code the current site design. You probably want Runar to design your site too now ...

He can't participate actively on the Motherlode.

Status: not active

Bob "Braindead" Hegwood signed up in December of 2007 in order to check the hosted add-ons in detail and to describe more information on the detail-pages. Later he did check all uploaded add-ons, comments and screen shots.

In August 2012 Bob decided to retire after he has been always a reliable member of the team. Thanks Bob for 5 years of good work and your efforts. The doors are open... :-)

Status: retired

Don Goyette (don/Don G.) came along in May of 2004 and began to mess up Joe's listing tables by adding thumbnails, screenshots, reorganizing the text, and providing additional information of the earlier site.
Don handles form creation and page creation/updates, while telling the group how things were done in "the good old days" -- via his very outspoken opinions.

With a great sadness we announce Don G's retirement from the Celestia community since the end of August 2004. Unfortunately, he is having some extended health problems. Don has worked tirelessly to document, organize and expand the Celestia universe and has worked extensive on the Motherlode. We all owe Don a great deal for his efforts. He has been a driving force on the Motherlode, spent a lot of time and done a great work. Thank you very much, Don. We miss you.

Status: retired

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The PHP file uploader (Maian_Uploader 1.3) was written by David Ian Bennett and is licensed under the GPL. It was grabbed from

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